Acting out: Serenity-JS & the Screenplay Pattern

Background Over the years I've had the chance to play with many tools and frameworks. When I started out writing automated tests I was keen to bring as much of my Object Oriented Programming knowledge to the task as I could. Back then, I was still learning really... and I made mistakes.  One such mistake … Continue reading Acting out: Serenity-JS & the Screenplay Pattern


Pact – Contract testing made (almost) easy

PACT /pakt/ noun noun: pact; plural noun: pacts a formal agreement between individuals or parties. Origin late Middle English: from Old French, from Latin pactum ‘something agreed’, neuter past participle (used as a noun) of paciscere ‘agree’. Pact from Pact Foundation is designed to be a dependable testing method for integration points, such as API's and microservices, for development teams concerned … Continue reading Pact – Contract testing made (almost) easy

Cypress – The end of WebDriver?

End-to-end testing. It's likely most testers least favourite part of their job, and likely a task that most developers actively hate. Flaky, brittle tests, tools that fail to provide consistent results, stakeholders insisting on a 'test all the things' approach (that's for another post later). Hands up any tester reading this who has had their … Continue reading Cypress – The end of WebDriver?