“Steve worked in my QA department at Visionable Ltd firstly in a technical consultant capacity and later as a permanent senior hire.

During his 2+ years at Visionable, Steve singlehandedly developed and implemented our automation framework from scratch which, as a small start up was crucial in building faith in the quality of our technical product releases quickly and efficiently.

Steve became a great mentor for a junior automation engineer that we brought onto the team, upskilling him in a technical capacity to a level where the junior resource was able to work independently and confidently.  Steve did this using a mixture of pair programming techniques, and also identifying and implementing technical training plans according to the developing architecture of our products.

Steve is one of the most technically competent automation specialists I have worked with across my 20+ year career in QA.  His knowledge of coding languages, programming methods, dev ops techniques and best practises are unparalleled and equally importantly he is able to advocate to other technical teams the importance of developing for automation and gain their support in ensuring automation is continuously integrated into the development pipeline.

In summary, I would not hesitate to employ Steve again in the future and would actively seek out his services which would be an asset to any technology team.” – Helen Byrne (Head of QA at Visionable Global)

“Steve is a great guy to have in your team (LadbrokesCoral) from a technical perspective as his capabilities and appreciation for all things QA are at the highest level. He’s also a great team player and goes the extra mile to help his colleagues get things done. If you ever need the services of someone who knows their testing stuff, Steve’s your guy as I can’t praise him or his work highly enough” – David Edwards (Hand on Leader, Test / QA, Scrum Master, PM, DevOps, BA)

“I had the pleasure of working directly with Steve at EE. Steve was an excellent Senior QA Specialist and enabled us to successfully deliver a large number of major releases for the Orange digital eCommerce platform, ranging from fast tactical changes to complex, longer-term projects to improve the customer experience. He has an amazing attention to detail and adopts a very rigorous and thorough QA approach that demonstrates his commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality. He really understands how to get the best out of a team working within a fast-paced Agile environment, and is confident dealing with senior business stakeholders and management. I would recommend him to any hiring manager and he would be a real asset to any business.” – Ian Cuddy (Digital Content Designer, UX | UI | IA, Content Transformation)

“The combination of Steve’s natural desire to do the right thing and highly developed technical skill make him a huge asset to the team. He delivers quality automation giving a high level of confidence that the product is working the way it should. I’m more than happy to recommend Steve.”
– Sam Jones (Engineering Manager at Reed Exhibitions)

“Steve is a well-organised and hardworking team player. He took the time to analyse and understand the concepts in our testing framework and ensured that he delivered tests which fit into this. As part of one project, he had to undertake a tricky refactor and completed this work largely unaided. He then ensured the affected tests were verified across our portfolio. On top of this, Steve is a nice guy and a pleasure to work with.” – Mark Buckingham (Technical Architect at Gamesys)

“Steve’s automation experience and work ethic make him a valuable asset for any team. One example of such, is Steve putting himself forward to help refactor a rather large amount of Feature Files and Page Classes to help another team meet their launch date. Steve understands the importance of quality both to the end user and to the work he is delivering this is evident by the quality of code he passes into the framework and the comments he leaves in code review.” – Ben Simms (Team Lead at Gamesys)

“Steve is a exceptionally diligent and innovative QA tester, always striving to improve testing practices and efficiency. Steve is a strong advocate of automation and agile delivery and is well versed in both. Steve is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.” – Mark Calrissian (Software Development Manager at IMDb.com)

“Steve is an extremely strong and highly technical QA engineer, who also is a gifted leader and mentor. His ability to dig deep into technical problems coupled with his natural charisma and focus means not only is he great at getting the job done he also accelerates progress being being inclusive and open to others. Steve also displays very strong Scrum Master skills and is an individual who really understands Agile. I cannot recommend Steve highly enough, and would relish the opportunity to work with him again.” – Sasha Bilton (Head of Development as part of 101 Ways)