Cognito square

Cognito Square Ltd is dedicated to working with the best clients creating awesome products of the highest quality. Through the proper application of Agile principles, using the best tools for the job, Cognito Square Ltd provide the assurance clients need in today’s fast-paced high-tech world.


API & Contract Testing by SureSoft Ltd

For communication and data exchange between two applications, SureSoft Ltd utilise testing techniques that check the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the API’s. This involves both testing the API’s in isolation, and testing end-to-end testing. The scope of testing experience SureSoft Ltd has includes both the API’s built by clients and the API’s built … Continue reading API & Contract Testing by SureSoft Ltd

Front-End Testing & Compatibility Testing by SureSoft Ltd

SureSoft Ltd has the experience to add value to a client’s business by vigorously testing their public-facing UI’s and web-components, using the latest tools and techniques. There are many flavours of UI testing; involving pure functionality, cross-browser compatibility, cross-platform compatibility, accessibility testing, component testing, end-to-end testing, automation techniques, web-app testing, native app testing etc. SureSoft … Continue reading Front-End Testing & Compatibility Testing by SureSoft Ltd